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Between past and present

castro2The town of Castro, as is clear from the name (from the Latin Castrum), is of Roman origin. It is an ancient fortified town, built on the remains of a fortress destroyed in 1437. In the district called Rocca (Fortress) you can still admire a wonderful proto-Romanesque temple, restored in the eighties.
In the 14th century, the population left the higher areas of the village to move to the lakeside, turning it into a fishing village.

Evidence of this community is to be found in the ancient structure of the town with its covered-in passageways, porticoes and country lanes.
At the end of the Middle Ages, many forges for the manufacturing of iron began to appear and this skilled work has always had an influence on the economy of Castro to such an extent that, even to this day, the iron and steel industry is one of the main resources of the town, providing work for a lot of people who also come from neighbouring towns. 

We should not overlook the industry linked to the black marble quarries, exploited throughout the Venetian domination, and where some of the columns of the Basilica of San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica) in Venice came from. 
The parish church in the town centre is dedicated to the patron saints S. Giacomo (St. James) and S. Lorenzo (St. Lawrence). It is in modern style and was built in 1969. As you go further into the ancient heart of the town, you will notice the picturesque historic centre, which varies from one area to another according to the different influences of the medieval rulers.castro

The real residential area, with its respectful calm and a spectacular panoramic view over the lake, is indeed the Rocca, with its recently restored Chiesetta di S.Lorenzo (Little Church of St. Lawrence), where the annual patronal festival is held.

Another place of interest is the road leading to Sarnico. Its sheer drop to the lake makes it a popular destination with photographers and enthusiasts thanks to the colours and hues that the waters naturally take on in this place.