Sport in Nature
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pescaThe morphology of the Iseo Lake district, rich of action cues in the seasonal varieties, it allows the tourist to practice almost every type of sport, diving into the whole nature around.
In summer perfumes and colors of the lake flora invite the tourist through characteristic paths; rivers and brooks full of fish fauna show care and interest that local communities have for the surrounding environment since a long time.

Trekking can be practiced anywhere, through planned runs composed by signaled paths, as well as Mountain Bike that dips the impassioned ones in forests and spellbound valleys. For the lovers of Horse Riding, there are many equipped and professional riding schools.

Otherwise, for people who like relax, the area also offers great Golf fields and fishy water basins where tournaments and competitions of Fishing are usually organized.

Boating, sailing and water skiing: water sports are tied up to the lake life, where people build boats and risk against the natural elements since a long time. The most fascinating sport is the sailing one. During the yearsmountainbike  many sail associations have risen on the lake. Among the most ancient ones there is the Associazione Nautica Sebina Ans, situated in a small port between the villages of Pilzone and Sulzano. Ans is a professional sailing school that has trained European champions and sailors who have taken part in World and Olympic competitions. Besides Ans other important associations are situated along the whole perimeter of Iseo Lake. In these places it is also allowed to rent boats and to attend lessons. But in some parts of  the lake, for instance between the villages of Vello and Toline, thanks to the strong winds going down from Camonica Valley and the surrounding little inlets, they can be met by now many wind surf fans.

velaWinter season, characterized by snowy mountains of the northern part of the lake, it offers spectacular destinations equipped for many activities, with famous Skiing and Mountaineering schools, and internationally renowned trainers.
Tourists can enjoy the snow in the quietness of a cross-country skiing trail or with the adrenalin of an off-limits slope, using advanced lifts and hundreds kilometers long tracks.

In many areas there are natural rock climbing gyms, generated by the particular geological structure of the hilly flanks falling into the lake. And for fearless people, there are some flight schools and fields, where it’s allowed to practice paragliding and ultralight flight.