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The Sarneghera

Sarneghera is the name of a feared storm characterized by impressive rainstorms. It is formed in the south-western part of the Sebino, then going  toward the Valcamonica. Its maximum frequency is distributed across spring and summer months,  also with unprecedented force.

sarnegheraSeeing this storm coming it means to assist to an apocalyptic show: at the beginning wind rampages, then great grey clouds appear from Sarnico making the sky darkened and the lake water threatening.
Waters become like soot and from the sky it suddenly starts an incessant rain, as it screamed loudly.
In a few minutes fields and roads are marked by the storm effects, and houses on the shores hope to overcome uninjured those endless instants.

The Legend  tells about the sad feelings of a young girl from Montisola, promise bridal of a noble man from Franciacorta.
The girl was used to go to Sensole crying looking at lake water. One day she fell into the lake, but she was saved by a fisherman from Sarnico.

This circumstance made them fall in love and they were happy up to the day when the father of the noble girl discovered them and forbade to the daughter to meet her love, isolating her into the castle they lived in.
The boy had a worse fate, imprisoned in a deep cave hidden among  woods of Sarnico.sarneghera2

After months full of desperation, it arrived the day of the marriage of the young girl with the noble man from Franciacorta and this one ordered to kill the fisherman. The sadness of the young girl was so great that she decided to commit suicide jumping into the waters of the lake, taking advantage of her father’s carelessness and hoping to be able to rejoin with her beloved.

The Legend narrates that when Sarneghera storms, the two lovers are seeking each other on the fund of the lake, while sky flings itself from Sarnico to Montisola and to the Franciacorta as a revenge.

The Cold Valley

The Cold Valley is remembered with the antique name of Valley of the Devil. According to an ancient Legend, in fact, one day the Devil decided to face God. They planned to meet on the top of the mount Clemo, where sight could range over  Valcamonica, until the whole basin of Iseo Lake and Montisola, almost up to the hills of Franciacorta.

The stakes obviously concerned with the right to dominate on souls populating the four surrounding valleys. The challenge consisted in throwing one of the mount Clemo’s rocks as far as possible. Satan played for first and the stone fell on a hill in front of the Valley, breaking itself in four pieces. Then God did the same and the rock reached even beyond the Valley.

valle_del_freddoThe beaten and angry Demon beat his heel on the rock with such force that the mountain broke, swallowing him into the hell bowels. Then Devil began to breathe an icy wind, a sort of malefic breath, from this chasm.
Big stones exist, brought by the glacier. They come from the Valcamonica and they are different from all the other rocks. But besides holes emanating icy air, it also exists an enormous crack that separates the mount Clemo from the mount Nà.

The Cold Valley has been a “taboo” zone for a long time. Only in 1939 it was begun to understand the uniqueness of this place, when it was noticed that edelweiss flowers were growingvalle_del_freddo2 there (into an unusual habitat).

And from the Sixties it started the systematic study of this place and two protection decrees for the particular local flora were issued.  In 1973, it was born also the Nucleo Ecologico Alta Valcavallina (nowadays called Nucleo Ecologico Valcavallina - Alto Sebino - Nevas) to protect the Valley.

Currently the Cold Valley has been aquired by the Azienda Regionale delle Foreste, that has to manage this Natural Reserve, officially founded on March 24 1982.


The devil and the two girls

Once it existed the belief that Devil appeared to people staying awake after midnight.
Legend narrates that one day two girls, who were neighbors, decided to prepare some sweets avoiding to tell their parents about that. Then came night and darkness. While all the people were sleeping, one of the girls went to the other one’s home.

They started mixing and cooking together, not thinking about that superstition.
Just after midnight the guest girl noticed a man with goat legs under the landlady’s bed. Being afraid, she told her friend to feel not well and she came quickly back home. Awaited for her departure, the mysterious man left his hiding place and began sitting close to the girl, who went on cooking unaware.

Suddenly ingredients ended and the girl, turning, saw that beast close to her.  Terrified, the young girl immediately noticed the goat feet and recognized the Devil. So she tried to run away with the excuse to go taking more flour. But the Devil, so astute, didn’t trust her and dragged her away with him, regardless of her weeping and exorcism.


The square of the witches in Pisogne

The Legend narrates that in 1518, in the quiet center of Pisogne, some women were victims of an atrocious death, cause of some unjustified accusations of witchcraft.

Eight young girls, charged of satanic and "supernatural behaviors", they were brought in the central Umberto I square, where a terrible "purifying fire" had been set up for them.
After wearing tortures in prison, the women confessed and they were conducted to the fire followed by a grand procession, accompanied by priests of the court summoning them to admit their own sins and to deny Satan.
Reached the destination, they were tied up to long poles and fire was set, while festive and pleased crowd was assisting to their agony.