Natural Reserve “Torbiere del Sebino”

Length: 4 km
Advised: Trekking / by Foot
Route's type: Landscape – Nature – Bird Watching

torbiere_3This run begins from the suggestive S.Pietro in Lamosa monastery (in Provaglio  d’Iseo), absorbed in one of the most interesting marshy ecosystems of the Lombardia region.
From the parking lot of the monastery, following the indications, a short walk starts nearby the road and railroad, going to the entrance of the Natural Reserve. Small paths and wooden bridges, suspended on the water, they allow to complete a circular run with a length of about 4 kilometers. 

The “bird watching” passionate ones have a magnificent point of observation, also crossing the path that begins in front of the Iseo sports field. torbiere

Till a maximum of 5 people the admission in the reserve is free.  For groups it is compulsory to go in with a guide, booking in advance and paying a little amount. 

(Torbiere del Sebino Union, tel. 030/9823141)