Pyramids of the Natural Reserve of Zone

Length: 1 km
Advised: by Foot
Route's type : Landscape / Nature

piramidi_zoneFrom Marone, on the eastern bank of the lake, the trip diverts to Zone. After a slope of about ten kilometers it comes in the village of Cislano, part of the municipality of Zone.
Here, a comfortable parking lot with a playground and a small 12th century church of the XII indicate the beginning of this run.

Winding in the wood, the path is well signalled, with many resting points where observing the pyramids. And many didactic charts illustrating the formation of this as interesting as particularpiramidi geologic phenomenon.

The greatest of these pyramids reaches 30 meters of height, with a base diameter of  about 8 meters and the top surmounted by a rock with the diameter of about 4 meters.