Antica Via Valeriana (Ancient Valeriana Path)

Length: 20 km
Advised: Trekking / Mountain Bike
Route's type: Landscape - Culture

strada_valerianaFor millennia, the Via Valeriana was the main north-south route in the Brescia area as well as the main route to Valtrompia. It was restored and re-opened in 2002 and today is a harmonious meeting point of nature, art and history.
The Via Valeriana follows along the countryside on the Brescia side of the lake, passing through the towns of Iseo (village of Pilzone), Sulzano, Sale Marasino, Marone, Zone and Pisogne. Nowadays, much of the path, with original cobblestones stills serves as a mule track.

The Via Valeriana is an easy walk as far as Nistisino or Portole, a village above Sale Marasino; from this point onwards the path becomes quite steep until one reaches the Zone plain. Here, the hills on the eastern side of the lake are covered by groves of chestnut trees, olive trees and terraces built with rock walls. strada_valeriana_3

Having passed the Zone Cross, which marks the highest point on the path (903 metres), Pisogne can be reached in approximately two hours. There are many significant artistic treasures to be enjoyed along the route.