Iseo Lake

15"This is the most romantic place that I've ever seen in my life" wrote Lady Wortley Montagu at the end of the 18th Century, during her stay on Lake Iseo. 
George Sand, the French writer who is said to have loved De Musset and Chopin on the Sebino Lake, replied  half a century later in a letter to a friend, "Come, I have found a marvellous place to live; its waters are as sweet and fresh as an eclogue by Virgil".

Lake Iseo has been attracting writers and artists, thinkers and curious tourists from all over the world for a long time. It is an enchanting and romantic lake surrounded by olive and chestnut trees, set like a jewel among the mountains and embraced by hills that gently and gradually slope down towards Franciacorta, an area of extraordinary wines.16

A vacation on the Sebino (the ancient name for the lake) means absolute variety, guaranteed by its remarkable and varying shape: the west coast gives picturesque, wild views, sheer rock-faces overhanging the lake, inlets and little coves; the east side is gentler, with hills that climb up to a thousand meters offering panoramas of enthralling beauty.


Outstanding buildings and works of art are preserved in both small villages and larger towns. Villas and castles, symbols of a timeless, historical memory, overlook the lake.

13On Montisola (the largest European lake island which rises from the very heart of the lake and towers over it), the bucolic scenery offers breathtaking walks, with an amazing panorama and a perfect view of the two small islands of S. Paolo and Loreto which look as if they are escorting their elder sister nearby.

The opportunity of a stroll in the nature reserve of the Torbiere is definitely not to be missed and the network of paths all round the lake is the perfect way of getting to know this extraordinary territory first-hand.

In the many restaurants overlooking the shores of the lake or on the hills, typical dishes based both on fresh fish and mountain products can be tasted, along with the great traditional wines famous for their original and inimitable tones and aromas.